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Of course, you like to dance… I dare hope that dance is a small part of your life. When you hear music, the legs themselves begin to beat the rhythm, the back straightens, the eyes light up – and it’s ready, begins the art of reincarnation of a sales manager or teacher in a passionate dancer and his sensual partner!

And everything would be fine, if you had a little more time to improve.

Or maybe your girlfriend hinted that long ago she was fond of this kind of art? And looking at how she moves in everyday life, how easy her movements are, how much grace and refinement in her figure, you come to understand that the ability to dance beautifully is not a whim and not a momentary weakness – it’s a lifestyle!
So what do you do if, for example, you really want to learn the movements of an amazing dance under a wonderful name: «Salsa?

Find the time and courage to come to dance school “from scratch” not everyone will dare. To overcome this problem there are salsa dance video lessons from Talal. They have a lot of advantages:

– You choose the time

– You’re choosing a place

  • You can view difficult steps and trenches as many times as you like
  •  When you need salsa dance video lessons from Talal for beginners, because you are very eager to start, but can not decide how to fit the live lessons into your busy schedule, then our school will be for you a real find and support.

Salsa is a very sensual and romantic dance. Cuban rhythms and motifs are closely intertwined with the culture and energy of this most mysterious island.
The dance itself is paired. For an unforgettable performance you will need a skilled partner or partner, a sense of rhythm, as well as his own, “a little story for two” and our quality, clear and professional lessons!
What can you get?

– You will be able to understand the basic movements from the very beginning: for both men and women.

– Learn the basic steps

– You’ll understand the main principles

– Love your body in the dance

– Learn everything you need for a vivid and passionate rapprochement in this dance

In fact, in the age of the Internet and in the presence of desire you can learn a lot. Why not start to comprehend the dance art together with us, surprise and wonder, receive and give, be and become…
Go ahead, because if you don’t, who does?

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