Salsa Styles in Belgium

Salsa Styles in Belgium

Salsa New York

This type of salsa was created by Eddie Torres in New York City, based on a Cuban dream. The main step is dancing on the weak part of the music: on the count of 2 partners step back. That’s why New York is called salsa at 2. It is believed that since the partner begins to move with a step forward, this style most fully shows the partner in all its glory. There are a lot of movements, where the partner seems to be deflecting elegantly past the partner. Salsa New York is a linear style of salsa with a fast and dynamic pace, but with a very soft and delicate management. New York style is characterized by a large number of solo compositions, pauses and musical accents. Acrobatic elements are not often used. In Brussels, he teaches this style of salsa teacher Talal.

Salsa Los Angeles

This direction was created in the 90s in Los Angeles by Louis and Goby Vazquez and two brothers Louis – Johnny and Francisco. The main step is to dance to the strongest part of the music: on the count of 1 partner step forward (salsa to 1). Salsa Los Angeles is a linear style of salsa. He is characterized by a fast and dynamic pace, many fast combinations. Solo compositions are used less frequently, but there is a lot of male and female style. The peculiarity of the dance is the speed and clarity of performance, it is characterized by the use of many acrobatic elements. In Brussels you will learn to dance this style of salsa teacher Talal.

Salsa Puerto Rico

The national salsa style in Puerto Rico. A distinctive feature of this type of dance is that the partners are beginning to dance the main step not backwards, but forwards. This has had an impact on some of the specific features of the different elements of the dance.

Salsa Casino

Casino is a Cuban salsa style. It began to develop in the mid-20th century. This style is based on traditional Cuban music and the dances of dreams and guarana. The main step is to dance to the first part of the music, but it can also dance to any other part of the music. During the whole dance, the share does not usually change. Some salsa casino dancers count four and eight to make the so-called warmth – a short and light blow with a toe or heel on the floor. Casino salsa is a circular style of salsa, but it can also contain linear elements. These are mainly movements borrowed from Rumba and Son. In dance, the center of the circle is the center between the partner and the partner. A distinctive feature of the style of the casino are the complex figures of the hands – knots and a large number of plastic, which borrowed from Rumba and Sona. Partner’s and partner’s hands are rarely torn apart, but even at the same time the dance more often retains its circular dynamics.

Venezuelan (Dominican) salsa

The main step of this style dances on any share. During one dance share can change. Venezuelan salsa is a circular kind of salsa. The center of the circle is usually the center between the partner and the partner. A characteristic feature of this style is impulse guidance. Venezuelan salsa dances to fast music.

Colombian Salsa

The main step is to dance for any share. During one dance share can change. In Colombian style, both circular and linear elements are used equally. A distinctive feature of this style is the presence of a large number of different footwork, also used acrobatic elements. Colombian salsa dances to fast music.

Rueda de Casino

Rueda de Casino dances with two or more couples. All pieces are executed synchronously at the command of the leader (cantor). Rueda is characterized by frequent changes of partners and partners. Figures are based on knots with a very clear and neat exit. Partners pass the partner in a circle. Currently, Cuba has a new style of rueda. It is characterized by the restructuring of the circle in a line, the formation of a number of circles of the rueda or one circle inside another. There are also duoedementa, who dance in two pairs, returning to the general circle after the end of the figure. Modern figures are characterized by a more frequent change of parterres. So during one piece partners can change several times. Rueda de Cassino is divided into two types: Rueda de Cuba and Rueda de Miami. The second kind has arisen in the USA under the influence of linear styles of salsa in connection with what in dance a number of linear movements are used.

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