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Whether you’re a beginner, a beginner or an advanced dancer, improving your style and learning new movements, there are many options available to learn to dance salsa. The way you choose will probably be determined by your budget, location, schedule and how intensely you are willing to learn. There is no way you can call it the best because everyone has their own peculiarities. It is up to you to decide which one is best for you. Ideally, you should combine several ways, as each helps you develop differently. Note that no matter which way you choose to learn, they all require a lot of practice. Below are a few ways to teach salsa, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Group salsa lesson in Brussels, Belgium

Group salsa classes are the most popular and probably one of the best ways to learn. Group lessons are usually based on a continuous, structured and consistent approach, applying the knowledge you have gained in previous lessons in the future. These sessions should be attended by everyone who has the opportunity to do so.

The big advantage of group salsa classes is that you will be working with people at the same level as you, with whom you can practice together, creating a mini-community with a passion for dance. The disadvantage is that you have to go to classes at a certain time several times a week. This can be difficult for people with busy schedules.

Open salsa classes in Brussels, Belgium

Many teachers teach in open salsa classes. This means that anyone can join in any salsa lesson in Brussels. This type of class is often held at nightclubs in the early evening. Since anyone can attend, people of different dance levels can attend the class and the teacher may not be able to find the overall level of material that will be of interest to everyone. Another disadvantage, if the class is held at a nightclub, is that the environment may be noisy and unsuitable for the class, and there may be people (who are not involved in the training) who are watching and may make newcomers feel uncomfortable. The advantage of such activities is that they are usually inexpensive and often include the cost of a party, which is usually held after these activities. The big advantage of open classes is that you can practice what you have learned right away, as you are already in a nightclub. Another advantage of coming to these classes is that you do not subscribe to the whole course. It’s also a great way to evaluate the different teachers and see who’s best for you. These salsa classes can be a good addition to your regular training sessions. Experiment, enjoy your evening and be sure to invite someone to a party after class to dance.

Private salsa lessons in Brussels

Private salsa lessons are the best way to learn you can imagine. Salsa instructor Talal focuses only on you. He will point out your mistakes and you can focus on the things that need to be worked out together. This is especially important for your salsa technique. Learning with someone who dances much better than you is an invaluable experience, but private salsa lessons in Brussels are usually much more expensive than group lessons.

Salsa master classes in Brussels, Belgium

Most of the salsa workshops are usually designed for mid- to advanced-level dancers and are a great way to learn new movements. They can be grouped in 2-3 hours and combined into a single theme. Or a series of master classes can be held for 1-3 days (usually over the weekend). Each of them usually focuses on a certain aspect of the dance: turns, footwork, styling, etc. Salsa master classes can handle a lot of material in a short time, so they cost more. However, unlike group lessons, you and your teacher are unlikely to return to this material, so the learned movements of salsa need additional self-study. You may find yourself in a master class where the overall level is much lower than yours or, conversely, too high. Therefore, before the master classes it is necessary to agree with the teacher, which classes you should go to and which ones you shouldn’t.

Do not miss master classes from visiting teachers. As each teacher has its own way of presenting the material and its own dance style and you will have the opportunity to learn something really new for yourself.

Salsa video

Many teachers shoot salsa dance video at different salsa levels, from beginner to advanced. Most of them show a series of movements and figures with stops and explanations. These videos are available not only for different levels, but also for different salsa styles. Some students perceive the material well on the video, while others require work with the teacher. This way is more for people who can’t attend classes because of their geographical location and/or graphics. However, it can be difficult for you to learn movements without a partner and without someone to guide you and correct mistakes. Video classes can be a good addition to your basic lessons.

Watch and learn

Some dancers have studied everything they know from watching other dancers in clubs, but this is a very rare and impressive phenomenon. Many experienced dancers learn new salsa dance moves, only watching other dancers, because they know the basic figures and essentially take a new way of performing a turn or joining certain movements.

Most advanced dancers sooner or later return to the basics to explore the moments that they missed in their time, realizing that the correct dance of basic movements at a high level is really important. Whether you are able to duplicate the movements of others or not, in any case, we recommend observing other dancers. This will inspire your development and motivate you to learn more. But beware, not to adopt the bad habits of other dancers!

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