Salsa for beginners

Salsa instruction

Which salsa style should I choose?

Depending on where you live, there may be several salsa styles to choose from or you may be limited to one style. There are some differences between the styles that can make one of them more acceptable to you. However, make sure that the style is practical, i.e. it is a popular style in your city and preferably in other nearby cities. For example, if you learn to dance “by 1” and most dancers in your city dance “by 2”, you will have fewer partners to dance with.

How to dance salsa?

There are several popular styles, look different teachers and different styles before you decide. Look at the different dancers and decide “how to dance salsa”. Beginners are not recommended to study several styles at the beginning of their studies. Focusing on one style will allow you to learn faster. Learning different styles can simply confuse you. When you become an advanced dancer, you can experiment with other styles.


Remember that many dancers will encourage you to choose your own style and say it is the best. There is no such thing as a “best” style. There are, however, loved ones. It is up to you to decide which style you like best.

Do I need special shoes and clothes?

In order to attend classes for beginners, special clothes and shoes are not necessary. Simply wear comfortable clothes that do not stifle movement. It is better if the shoes will be with leather soles (shoes on rubber soles are not recommended, because you will not be comfortable to rotate in it, but at the level of a beginner can come to the class). Wear fewer jewelry as it may scratch or hurt your partner.


At a more advanced level, especially for partners who rotate more than partners, we recommend you to buy shoes with soles that facilitate rotation (thin soles of leather or suede are ideal). It’s better if you’re wearing the same shoes you wear at parties. For example, if you wear 2-inch heels when going to parties, you should also dance in 2-inch heels in the classroom to get used to balance.


If you’re more serious about dancing or if you’ve been dancing for a long time, you can buy special dance shoes (suede soles) that you can’t wear outside.


Do I need a partner to learn to dance salsa?

You definitely don’t need a partner to learn to dance salsa. Almost all salsa for beginners classes have students without partners. In case you do have a partner, please remember that there are some advantages and disadvantages to dancing with the same thing all the time.


The advantage of having a partner is that you have someone you can practice with on a regular basis, and that’s great because a lot of practice is very important. However, practice with only one partner should be avoided. You can get used to managing/ following one partner and adjust to his/her mistakes, or you can know in advance what to do beforehand without reviving the leads (for partners), or you won’t know if the partner has been driven clearly enough, because the partner will still make a move because she is already used to you (for partners). Thus, as soon as you start dancing with someone else, you may face problems. Developing the management and following is better to dance with as many different partners / partners as possible. (Articles on how to develop leading and following “How to learn to lead a partner in dance?” and “How to learn to follow a partner in dance?)

Salsa steps

I have two left legs. I’m not sure that dancing is for me…

Sorry, no excuses are accepted. Many great dancers at the beginning of the training seemed to have two left legs and this is despite the fact that they later won the competition in dance! (“What do you have to do to become a good dancer?”) True, some dancers need to learn longer, but eventually everyone can learn to dance. Learning salsa for beginners requires time and dedication. You may love to dance only after you start dancing well, but if you never try, you’ll never know what you’ve missed.



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