Cours de salsa Brussels, Belgium

Cours de salsa Brussels, Belgium

Learning process

How long will it take to be a good dancer?

It is not possible to give some temporary assessment. It all depends on how quickly you learn, how often you practice, how often you attend classes, your teacher’s skills, your level of dedication and finally what “good” means to you.

What is your goal?

– Being a good salsa dancer?

– Become a great dancer?

– Participate in shows and competitions?

– Be the best?

Obviously, it will take less time to become just a good dancer than a great performer of salsa in show rooms. But the time of training can vary widely, depending on the person, as everyone is trained at a different pace. Don’t be upset if someone is learning faster than you. Keep in mind that some people already have experience in other dances that can help them learn faster. Salsa training can take time, depending on the level you want to achieve and your efforts.

The more you practice, the faster you will learn and reach the right level. You can ask other dancers how much time they spend dancing. You’ll be surprised that some good dancers have started dancing relatively recently, but there are others, the level is lower, which are dancing for many years. Some of the nice dancers that you see in the clubs may only be dancing for a few months. However, during this time they may have attended a lot of group and private salsa lessons, danced 7 nights a week and practiced steps and turns every minute of the day. But unfortunately, few dancers are willing to spend so much time on cours de salsa. You can become a good dancer by attending only one class a week, provided that you practice a lot on your own. The key to success is the practice of cours salsa. Remember, the more effort you put into your studies, the more you will achieve. Finally, it is important that you enjoy the learning process. Set yourself a reasonable goal and enjoy.

Cours de danse salsa Brussels

6 salsa levels

One day, while sitting in a restaurant, my student asked me to tell him what skills he needed to have in order to dance perfectly in salsa. I’m Talal (salsa teacher) and I have identified 6 levels of salsa dancing skills.

Level 1

Pledge level. Two people learn to move and interact together without stepping on each other’s feet, learning the basic elements.

Level 2

Partner and partner are now dancing into music, making basic figures and variations.

Level 3

Partner leads to more complex shapes and variations. Dancers are beginning to use the space more interestingly with rotations and direction changes.

Level 4

The partner stops thinking about his own steps and starts leading the partner easily. Skills in management have been developed and there is an understanding of what a partner needs. The partner starts to show the partner in all its glory, using more carefully thought out variations.

Level 5

Partner and partner start playing with rhythms. Syncopes, decelerations, accelerations, accents and stops are actively used in the dance.

Level 6

THE FINAL LEVEL… This is when dancers become visual instruments of music. When a deaf person watches their dance and sees the music through their movements and interpretations. This is when the interaction, accents and all movements correspond to the energy level and mood of each song. Therefore, each dance looks different, as dancers are inspired by the music at the moment, as if playing a role in the play. This is when I personally achieve euphoria or ecstasy. When I feel that the accents are based on music, and my partner gives me the opportunity to make a movement that accentuates the pause, I get a thrill and satisfaction.

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