Salsa Video

Of course, you like to dance... I dare hope that dance is a small part of your life. When you hear music, the legs themselves begin to beat the rhythm, the back straightens, the eyes light up - and it's ready, begins the art of reincarnation of a sales manager or teacher in a passionate dancer and his sensual partner!

08.06.2019 Dance life

Salsa for beginners

Which salsa style should I choose? Depending on where you live, there may be several salsa styles to choose from or you may be limited to one style. There are some differences between the styles that can make one of them more acceptable to you. However, make sure that the style is practical, i.e. it is a popular style in your city and preferably in other nearby cities. For example, if you learn to dance “by 1” and most dancers in your city dance “by 2”, you will have fewer partners to dance with.

27.03.2019 Dance life

Cours de salsa Brussels, Belgium

How long will it take to be a good dancer? It is not possible to give some temporary assessment. It all depends on how quickly you learn, how often you practice, how often you attend classes, your teacher’s skills, your level of dedication and finally what “good” means to you.

27.03.2019 Dance life

Salsa Styles in Belgium

Salsa New York This type of salsa was created by Eddie Torres in New York City, based on a Cuban dream. The main step is dancing on the weak part of the music: on the count of 2 partners step back. That’s why New York is called salsa at 2. It is believed that since the partner begins to move with a step forward, this style most fully shows the partner in all its glory

27.03.2019 Dance life

Salsa lesson

Whether you’re a beginner, a beginner or an advanced dancer, improving your style and learning new movements, there are many options available to learn to dance salsa. The way you choose will probably be determined by your budget, location, schedule and how intensely you are willing to learn. There is no way you can call it the best because everyone has their own peculiarities. It is up to you to decide which one is best for you.

27.03.2019 Dance life

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